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The Pet Friendly Software


From the time you login we can help your organization manage all of your records. We have built a system that takes care of the intake of an animal, daily care, all the way to the adoption of the animal. We use many key features to accomplish this listed below:

Access from anywhere

Whether you're halfway around the world or sitting in the office; anywhere with internet access you can access Pet Friend. Access your animal records using your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or traditional desktop.


We incorporate E-Signature into our forms for an easy, efficient, and paperless system.

Mobile Friendly

Our software supports all mobile devices, if it has a web browser you can access PetFriend!

Language Support

Our software supports all the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch!

Android App

Access Pet Friend using our user friendly android app. You can download it HERE.

On the Cloud

No more need for IT staff to manage your hardware! We manage everything in one convienent location on the cloud.

Nightly backups

Our services provide nightly backups to protect your data.

Task Management and workflow

-Workers tasks
-Task and workflow tracking

Animal Management

-Detailed Animal records
-Kennel management
-Lost Animal records
-Euthanasia records
-Cremation records
-Animal License/Registration
-Animals Supported Dogs, Cats, Barnyard Animals, Birds, Horses, Pigs, Rabbits, Small & Furry, Scales, Fins, & Other (for a list of animals supported click HERE)
-Transfer animal records to partners that are both using Pet Friend

Humane Officer Management

-Bite records
-Case records
-Call records
-Inventory records
-Mileage records

Care Management

-Animal care
-Vet Offices
-Vet Visits


-Animal Expenses


-Applications management
-Adoption management
-Foster management
-Rescue management
-Returned to Owner


-Adopter, Donor, Volunteer, and Offender records
-Volunteer Time Tracking and Reporting


-Manage events and vet visits


-Upload commonly used forms or files that can be accessed from anywhere


-Reports for tracking the performance of your organization

Notifications, Alerts, and Reminders

-Shelter notifications for animals and tasks
-Reminders for events and appointments
-Sends emails and SMS (texts)


-Manage User accounts and their access level
-Manage Adoptions and Foster Contracts
-Manage Tax Information (if applicable)
-Manage Number of Kennels
-General Organization Information
-Manage Subscription
-Manage Partners

Training videos

-Detailed online training videos going over the software

Petfinder Automatic Import

-Our software will automatically upload animals eligible for adoption into Petfinder.

Adopt a Pet Automatic Import

-Our software will automatically upload animals eligible for adoption into Adopt a Pet.