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About Us

Based out of Columbus, OH we created Pet Friend in 2017 to aid organizations from small to large manage their animal records and modernize their computer systems. We did this by creating software that's mobile friendly and uses the cloud. Pet Friend supports devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktops, anything with an internet connection and a browser! We work with organizations such as humane socities, animal shelters, animal control, animal rescues, and vet offices to provide you quality animal management software.

Our Team

Jesse Dye - Owner & Software Engineer

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With over 10 years of IT experience, Jesse Dye has worked on numberous websites and is a coding master. His skills range from networking, systems administration, security, and development. He has worked hard to create Pet Friend with ease of use in mind and with advanced features. His goals are to create an easy to use customer experience, utilize advanced technology, and to make the technology work for you! If you ask, he might even show you some computer shortcuts along the way!

Chris Roy - Co-Owner & Animal Welfare Specialist

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Avid animal lover, behaviorist, and specialist in welfare with over 10 years of experience. He currently serves on his local county humane society board of directors as a member and rescue coordinator. Chris Roy specializes in training our customers both in Pet Friend, animal behaviour, and welfare. His goal is to make sure each animal is getting the highest possible quality care through his method of total mind, body, spirit, and with the help of Pet Friend he hopes to make that possible. He works hard to teach you the benefits of Pet Friend and might show you some tricks along the way!